Creating EASY CABLES in Blender with CABLERATOR! (New Blender Add-On!)

By The CG Essentials

In this video, we check out Cablerator – a BRAND NEW extension for creating cables inside of Blender!



Extension by Sergey Kritskiy

Enable in preferences – click to access documentation, other things can be adjusted as well – default cable width and more!
Adding a cable – a few ways –
1. Shift-A – Curve – Add cable – click on 2 points to add a cables
a. Adjust tension, which adjusts how much the cable loops
b. Adjust size, which adjusts cable diameter – BIG NOTE – hold the shift key to do more of a fine adjustment
c. Can edit path by tabbing into edit mode and moving the points on your curve
2. Shift-A – Curve – Draw Cable
a. Note – this one uses the location of your 3D cursor as a drawing plane
b. Draw cable, adjust thickness – no tension option here
3. Adding to an existing cable – tab into edit mode, select a point, then click to set second point
4. Create From Edges
5. Create from objects
6. Using Bevel Objects for Multiple Cables
7. Adding Connectors

0:00 – Cablerator Intro
0:16 – Add-On Download Location
0:46 – Enabling/Options/Documentation
1:20 – Adding Cables by Points
1:55 – Adjusting Width and Tension
2:49 – Adjusting Curve Points to Customize Cables
5:31 – Editing Cables
6:20 – Drawing Cables
7:11 – Joining Cables
8:02 – Cables by Edges
10:35 – Cables from Objects
11:27 – Adding Connectors
13:36 – Multiple Cables with Bevel Objects