Creating Fake Type For Infographics Animation In After Effects

You may have been looking for a way to make your type stand out, but not be legible. Well we got you covered! With our tip today we will show how fake types can help in these situations and more importantly – they won’t hurt us at all on the screen quality front either.

Mikey Borup shows you how to save a huge amount of time for creating fake type or an animated font block, by using an actual font. This contrasts with tediously drawing out shapes on your computer screen and painstakingly applying each individual letter one-by-one over hours in Photoshop CS5’s Typekit tool kit program – not exactly what most people would find fun!

Sometimes you need to make things look more creative. Say, for example, when your project needs an extra something in the design department and what’s around just won’t cut it! Make some fake fonts with boxes or try drawing shapes on top of existing layers – I don’t think so either?

You can easily create a typeface by using the text animator in Ae.

The process for creating your own custom font is fairly simple and you’ll never have to worry about not being able find that perfect effect again!