Creating Fibonacci Fractal Broccoli In Houdini

Junichiro Horikawa Explains How to Develop the Distinct Look of Romanesco Broccoli Using a Fibonacci Fractal Pattern.

A lot of the math behind real-life objects in nature checks out. From L-Systems to fractals, much can be reproduced with the proper algorithms. Yuji Horikawa has created a process for recreating elements procedurally inside Sidefx Houdini which are based on both these types and more! His latest project details how he built Romanesco Broccoli using Fibonacci Fractal geometry as seen below:

Junichiro has shown his creative side with the latest video, using Fibonacci Spirals to form complex broccoli shapes. Using an online reference for this series of numbers he starts off on a new tangent by making one spiral instead of two at first glance – but after some time looking closer you can see it isn’t so hard!

This is not Junichi’s first time creating fractals within Houdini either; previous tutorials had him create diffusion-limited aggregation systems 3D Mandelbulbs iterative fractal patterns along wth ones that used abnormal winding conditions too. Nerdiness guaranteed here!.