Creating Film-quality Snow In After Effects

Even though creating snow in Ae has been an issue, the team at Snow is very creative and determined to make it happen.

The technique is relatively simple and requires only a single solid layer and a camera

Kevin Gates has a look at how he creates realistic and believable snow using techniques that are commonly found in his work.

Kevin’s work is the most seamless and realistic snow we’ve seen. He integrates it very well into his plate photography, which only requires a single solid layer in After Effects with an camera for AE footage as well! Kevin shows how he creates rAeeal-world dynamics by tweaking some of Trapcode Particular’s parameters to suit what needs shot–creating particles that look like they’re actually interacting within nature instead just sitting there on top like cutouts from another world (or not).

It’s wintertime and you’re feeling a little chilly. Stop by the store for some hot cocoa because it’s about to get even more delicious with this tutorial on how-to create realistic looking snow in After Effects! Watch as I show off my favorite techniques like using particles, manipulating wind speeds so they match what we need without compromising quality (motion blur not included), adding depth of field that’ll leave your eyes singed from just one sip – talk about sipping away at their warmth while watching our screens over here).