Creating Hdri For 3d Lighting Using The Kodak Sp360

For high-quality HDR imaging, a DSLR and software is often too expensive. However there’s another simple solution brought up by Story 2 Pixel’s Perry Patterson: using vertical solutions for creating spherical scenes in 3D! This process can be done at low cost with your phone or tablet equipped with the necessary tech tools – no matter what you’re looking to create or how much money you have available on hand right now.”

This is an affordable solution to create your own HDRI’s for any 3d application, using the Kodak SP360.

This post will teach you how to create your own HDRIs for an IBL, or both. You just have the dome camera and then it’s easy in Photoshop!

The Kodak SP360 is a new type of camera that can produce high-quality videos and photos. It has an adjustable lens giving you the ability to take in any angle, which makes it perfect for YouTube vloggers or content creators who want their viewers feel like they’re right there live with them!