Creating Light Trails With Stardust In After Effects

Gui Esp Works With the Motion Node to Create Light Trails by Using Light Path.

The possibilities are endless with Stardust’s Motion Node. In this video, Guilherme Machado explores the Light Path feature and shows how to create an awesome light trails animation effect using it!

In the world of video games, there’s a lot to take in. One thing you can do is make your own animations with things like motion nodes and particles! If that sounds too technical for what interests you then don’t worry about it- we’ve got plenty more simple examples here on Animation Nation anyway 🙂
What does this Node do? It lets us control how much animation occurs by using one specific type: Light Paths (Lights Animating Through Space)

The motion node was used to create detailed particles in the video above. The technique is helpful for getting extra details when using circular types like those seen on Machado’s dress, which she designed herself!