Creating Non-linear Quadratic Spline Interpolated Blend Shapes

Robin Wilson takes a look at creating non-linear shape blends that can have blended shapes move in an arc rather than the straight interpolation of two or more points. Discovering quadratic Spline Interpolation for Blender, Robin shows us how to achieve eyelids like those on your favorite anime characters!

This tutorial will show you how to do a shape blending technique called “quadratic interpolation” which allows the affected vertices to move along a curve. Best of all, this technique also maintains a firm control over the eyelid’s shape

Robin shows how to use this technique in Blender 2.65, but he also points out that the same principles can be achieved with other 3D software package such as Autodesk Maya or Softimage if you have access to them.

If you’re looking for a way to add curves and enhance your pictures, then the quadratic spline function is what you need. Robin will show how with this math-heavy tutorial!