Creating Pseudo 3D Head Turns In After Effects

Mt. Mograph Matt Jylkka covers a technique that he recently used to create pseudo 3D head turns… something that he calls 2.5D Head Turns, and it’s pretty fascinating! In this MtM Tips video Tip Tuesday episode for October 23rd 2018, you will learn about what exactly these type of animations are all about as well as how they can be done in After Effects with ease using different methods depending on whether or not your character needs an actual full-fledged turn around their own axis (instead just tilting).

 a technique I use for setting up pseudo 3D head turns in After Effects

For more complex characters, e.d Films Daniel Gies showed how to use a 3D plugin like Mettle’s Freeform or even the liquify tool in After Effects for those who want their designs with the illusion of depth and motion…

For those looking for something different than what is already available on traditional animation software such as Adobe Flash CS4 (or earlier versions) check out these free-to-try alternatives from Video Copilot:http://www2 .videocopil0nt3gfoaoi6y.

Matt’s new Animo tool will help you create the perfect animation without having to go back and forth between different layers. Simply move this on-screen widget where it needs to be, then pick an effect (like fade), choose how long each instance lasts for in seconds or frames per second – whatever option suits your project best!