Creating Realistic Skin In Cinema 4D With Subsurface Scatter

Collin Bishop shows off a new technique for texturing heads in Cinema 4D using Subsurface Scattering materials and Diffuse maps. He shares how to get the SSS shaders working well, making realistic skin look great on renders!

In this tutorial I show you how to properly configure a head in C4D without having the common issue of blurring when you attempt to apply your diffuse map under the shader tab within the SSS

Collin shows how he created the lighting for this scene not just so that it is easy to follow along, but also scales and SSS settings come into play. The physical renders show an issue where materials may appear blurry when attempting diffuse maps due to lower resolution textures used in game engines like Unity 3D’s default material pack Young Horses Diffuse map by Pacomartino which can be found here: https://www.assetstore…)

Colling notes these effects happen because they were built on top of other assets such as models instead using direct illumination sources (something we consider common practice nowadays).