Creating Realistic Wispy Smoke In Cinema 4D

There are plenty of tools out there that can create smoke effects in Cinema 4D. X-Particles, to TFD (Turbulence FD), and Krakatoa are just a few examples for those looking into creating realistic wispy smokes with their 3ds Max or Sculptris creations using these programs respectively as well as other applications such as Maya where you’d use fluids rather than solids like Bob does here:
2 minutes 20 seconds into this video about his process by The FX Group member Bob Walmsley.

The entire simulation is then pushed to a much higher resolution using ThinkBox Krakatoa. This software provides the illusion of volume by simulating particles in three dimensions, with each element being individually posed and animated – all on your computer! You can use this tool for both pre-made volumetric scenes or create custom ones from scratch; either way, it’s user-friendly so even rookies like me will feel right at home within seconds after loading up our first project file (PRT).

Powered by an intuitive interface that guides users through steps without error-prone manual labor such as pasting coordinates into corresponding fields like many other programs require–the only thing required now.