Creating Rendered Contours In Blender

There is more than one way to create outline or contour renders in 3D applications, and the task can be difficult for those who are not familiar with creating them. Daniel Kreuter shares his technique that works best with little effort required because it uses an easier method which gives good results as well!

In this tutorial I’m showing you how I add contours to a rendered image

To generate a 3D model of someone’s face, you need to find their Normal Direction and Set Pass. The normal is what direction they are facing in real life while set pass determines how deep or close from the camera something appears; if there’s more than one object overlapping each other then those with depth will have lower values since we’re seeing them first-hand instead of just looking at an image as most people would do when viewing something remotely via computer screen.

This has pixelation issues due to its small size compared to reality so it looks fuzzy sometimes even though your eyesight might not be blurry at all! You can use this information taken together along with some input.