Creating Rendering A Spaceship Corridor In Blender

In this two part tutorial, we will learn how to create a classic Spaceship hallway scene in Blender. First Andrew takes us through the entire process modeling and animating for this project using various techniques like implicit sculpting (simply by unwrapping), Alembic export with Autodesk Maya 2017+, Z Brush pipeline plugin+Mudbox Keyshot 3d painting tools – all while providing some tips on conceptualizing your ideas as well finding references/greebles from which you can base it off if needed!

…In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create your own spaceship corridor using arrays, mirrors and whole lot of modelling…

In this lesson, we will be covering the modeling and texturing of a human head. As you progress through part one to finishing up with rendering in Part two! The final product looks fantastic- hats off Andrew for his outstanding work on these tutorials that have helped me learn so much about 3ds Max’s capabilities within such a short amount time frame..

Have you ever wanted to create your very own Spaceship Corridor? Then, this tutorial is just for YOU! The process of creating one may seem complicated at first but it’s actually not. All steps are broken down and illustrated clearly so that even those with no experience in 3D modeling can follow along easily enough as well- which makes me wonder why more people don’t know about these cool new features!?

Andrew notes that in this tutorial you will discover:

  • How to model a spaceship corridor
  • How to conceptualize a scene using real world examples and fantasy
  • Why greeble is important and how to model it quickly
  • We’ve all watched a sci-fi movie and wished we could be part of it (wall-e anyone?), and whilst creating your own scene isn’t reality it’s the next best thing.