Creating Simple Grass With Cinema 4d Hair

Fuchs & Vogel shares their C4D hair setup for creating the grass that was used in their last VRAYforC4D Sneak Peek. They have announced some exciting new features coming soon to version 5, including Embree which will be able to render out much faster by using this setting!

Fuchs & Vogel offers the scene file which you can download and study. The C4D hair is used to create grass, using two variations – one shorter than another in height cover set on separate layers for each variation!

the basic setup using two layers of C4D Hair.

A new release from VRAYforC4D is coming soon, and it’s going to be huge. The 3 core engine brings a whole host of exciting features for current users including Dynamic Bucket Splitting as well as allowing you take advantage of Intel® Embree ray caster technology!

Download grass Setup: FuV Grass with Hair and visit Fuchs & Vogel for more great quick tips using Cinema 4D.

More Resources for Creating Grass with C4D Hair

Dogacan Bilgili, the brilliant mind behind demonstrates how to create dynamic grass in Cinema 4D using a C4D Hair system that is fully customizable for each scene of your film! You can have this type of plant react realistically with any object or entity within its surroundings by interacting via collision detection so you’ll never be left wondering what will happen next when it comes down to whether or not these life-like blades are impacted – they always keep their natural curve intact as well which makes them all but unbeatable visually speaking (pun totally intended).

There are some tolls that can help the process along. One such offering is C4DZone’s Grass Painter Tool, which provides an easy and powerful way to paint in grass – perfect for any project requiring this type of element!