Creating Toon Styles With Arnold Toon Shader

Lee Griggs shows how you can create great-looking toon shading using the Arnold shader.

A light rendering of an Arnold character with the use of shading nodes makes for a great-looking image. AiToon seems simple yet powerful when it comes to making non photo real renderings, as demonstrated by Grigg’s walkthrough here.

He shows how you can create your own unique looking characters using Toon & some other basic shaders in ARNOLD 2019 Studio!

“In this ‘making of’ tutorial, we will break down the steps used to render the image above using a Toon Shader in Photoshop. We’ll cover how you can use Base Tonemap for basic lighting and shading with Specular Toning Masters that allow more creative control over your masterpiece.” The article also walks us through adding variation by adjusting Edge Widths when creating an illustrative style–increasing detail while preserving range from bright highlights all.