Creating Twitch Expressions In After Effects

Evan Abrams is on a mission to make things twitch in After Effects with his latest tutorials. Evan has provided six different types of expressions for any skill level, so you can create lively motion effects without having the least bit of knowledge about how it works!
Six-part series: – Introduction & Basic Tweaking.

For those who are just starting out or want some help tweaking their animations, there’s plenty here that will teach exactly what each slider does and gives clear examples*. This first video covers all basic tools at your disposal including rotate symmetry settings among others which allow animators more control over.

So you want to make things twitch around but hate having to keyframe? Enjoy saving some sweet time with this expression tutorial series

Evan notes that if you are savvy to AE and expressions, then skipping over parts 1-5 will get your project finished quickly. However, it’s best for beginners starting at the beginning of this tutorial series since they can learn how everything goes together through simple steps along their journey! Check out Evan on his site for even more helpful tutorials.