Creating Your First Realistic Water Simulation With Blender

“It’s all in the details.” That, famously said by Louis CK about how he makes movies for YouTube. And if you want to be like him (or at least try), then read on because I’m going to show exactly what it takes! First off:Blender is free and open source; plenty of other programs out there cost money but not this one – Ever heard of “Free as in speech” or something? No surprise why they call it F Branch Software!!!! So let me tell ya– when we get down into some technicalities here… Bl.

There are a number of options for creating realistic water simulation in Blender. The fluid tools work pretty much as they would with other DCCs, where you can set parameters such as domain and tweak settings before baking an animation to make your scene come alive!

Learn what the best settings are for creating a realistic water simulation in this beginner blender tutorial!

Scale is everything when it comes to creating liquid or water simulations. If the scale isn’t right, then your simulation will look like its moving too slow and very viscous-like in appearance. Steve’s example looks great!