Customizing The Attribute Editor In Maya

Rob Skiena, a character animator and instructor with Autodesk software company Maxon Animation Studios discusses new features in Maya 2013. The custom attribute editor allows for complex customization of attributes that are not possible through simple keyboard shortcuts or menu options which can be useful when working on production projects where tight deadlines loom over every minute detail!

Rob Skiena provides a simple overview as well as an engaging video that shows you how to create custom attribute editor views in Maya, and then takes look at some production examples.

There are some new features available in Maya 2103 that may change how you use the Attribute Editor. With Custom Attribute Views, you can customize templates for specific tasks or projects and artists types with ease! Some examples of things I did were adding a properties box on top so it’s easier to see what each field does during editing time; changing fonts from Helvetica Neue LTSTypo 57 D F Dollonogo 33 L 045% Sao PauloBrazil Serif,” Arial Narrow,”sans-serif;”Courier New” Pro Trebuchet MS:gency san. There is an update rolling out soon at offiicalmayamaya2016dsc.

  • Create custom views of attributes in the Attribute Editor.
  • Specify views for both Node Types and for specifically Named Nodes,
  • Set views for the current selection, or Globally for all nodes in Maya
  • Use Callbacks in Python and Mel to inject script functions into the AE
  • Set Maya to search for Templates in a custom directory or across a network

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