Cycles For Cinema 4D

There’s no shortage of plugin render engines for Cinema 4D, and the list will keep getting longer.

New Renderer for C4D

It looks like Insydium, the creators of X-Particles is working feverishly to bring Blender Cycles rendering engine over C4D. The company’s expertise in this field should make it possible for them to achieve their goal with relative ease and rapidity; they have been able produce high quality results using existing technology before without much difficulty at all!

…Due to it’s permissive (open-source 9 Apache 2.0) license we’ve been able to integrate Cycles to work with Cinema 4D…


Blender’s renderer is an unbiased, open source render tool working both on the GPU and CPU. This means that in many cases Cycles can be used to produce higher quality imagery than other tools in a fraction of time with no loss in image size when compared against using traditional methods such as Photoshop or Illustrator for graphic design work because it gets all calculations done just once rather than rendering out each individual frame individually before compositing them together during post production like we see today with photoshopCS6+

A lotmore companies will probably integrate this engine into their products along side X-Particles since they mention “Cycle” which points towards some sort integration here.

From Free to Paid?

Every part of Blender is a free and open source endeavor, however it’s unlikely that Cycles for C4D will be. You can almost bet your bottom dollar when plugin developers take note to any material from closed sourced software – they’re going straight into their wallet!

Learn More

Insydium is a company that specializes in cycles, and they have been working hard on an event to show off their latest invention. The CEO has promised us some news by the end of this month so make sure you check http://www2-5newsletter1.npageforms/form7 for updates!

Cycles… It’s Not Just For Blender Anymore, It’s For C4d?
Cycles… It’s Not Just For Blender Anymore, It’s For C4d?