Daz To Blender Plugin Tutorial – Diffeomorphic Daz Importer


By W3 Productions

This is an awesome Daz to Blender Plugin
This plugin will allow you to import your Daz character into Blender 3D. One of the cool things I found is that it can bring in materials using proper alpha channels and use Principled Shader!!!

Thomas Larsson Daz Importer plugin for Blender 3D:

Here is a playlist on the subject of Daz to Blender: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLOAIDS7149fpfag6MU73SQfIS7foU0B6

A slightly updated video looking at more of the features:

One of the issues I am trying to work around is animation. This will allow you import a pose, even an animated one! However there isn’t currently any way for me upload my morphs so they can easily animate them in Daz studio or Papagayo with this addon but it’s compatible if used via blender which also has its own shareable library system built-in already called Blender Cloud – see how cleverly things are interconnected?

Excuse the clipping audio. PC has been declining in performance for the last few months.