Designing Anime-stylized Lightning With Trapcode Mir In After Effects

BaKaAfter shares his tips for creating anime-style lighting effects in Trapcode MIR. The software can be tempting to experiment with without considering how the animations will look, but BaKaaft sets us straight on what you should do when using this tool!

Trap Code mir is a “specialty” type of product that often leads people into an exploration phase where they never really get out – unlike making deliberate and useful content like some other programs might require you too .

You can learn how to create energy based animations using the Trapcode MIR plugin in order for them be used on their own or as a background.

Trapcode MIR

The Trapcode MIR plug-in for After Effects is a fast and easy way to render 3D shapes. It leverages OpenGL, so you can preview the object quickly as well as watch it smoothly shade over time or animate without any lagging glitches in between frames!

The complex shapes of the fractal noise will make your polygon mesh into something new and interesting. You can add more texture mapping, repeating geometry with lights integrated in After Effects if you want!

Creating Anime Style Lightning

BaKaAfter offers a look into the settings that went into creating this lighting example. For most part, it is as simple and easy-to use custom shape for MIR to work with; adjusting parameters until they behave correctly in believable way gives final touches such as adding color or glow which complete look together nicely.

The tutorial is in Japanese, so you might want to take out your favorite translator if it’s not one of the languages that you speak.