Discover Maya’s Hidden Remesh And Retopo Nodes

With the built-in polyRemesh and topological retopology tools for Autoditors in Mayay, you can model any surface with ease.

Maya has made a few advancements in retopology, but artists are still limited when it comes to automating their workflow. For example they have been using the Quad Draw tool which can be time consuming and sometimes frustrating with all its limitations such as manually cleaning up objects before merging them together or exporting an image for another program like Z Brush 2 where you must do additional work yourself after importing .

It appears Autodesk is now implementing new tools that will help automate this process called “Retoucher”. It’s exciting because we’ll finally get access not only dynamic tessellation found within mudbox yet again ,but also various ways of healing damaged parts seamlessly through editing Several sources indicate these features could appear early next year.

You know that feeling when you have a great idea for an animation but the tools just don’t exist yet? Well, I found one of those elusive missing pieces in Maya. It only took two clicks on my computer screen to get everything working perfectly and within seconds after installing it – voila! A shelf button was born (you can watch me make mine here). There are some really handy techniques inside this program which will help speed up your workflow exponentially while also saving time trying out different ideas before committing them fully into production mode.

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