Divide Layers With Masks In After Effects

When cutting a layer in After Effects for visual appeal and animation, it’s important to make sure that you can still animate. Adding another tool such as AeScripts + Aepugs adds even more functionality with Divide and Corner- an easy way to divide objects into four parts while keeping their original shape at the same time!

With divide and corner, you can cut a layer using masks. It does this with loads of controllable options available to choose from too – like whether or not they should be applied on separate layers (or new ones) instead!

This also gives you the option to make your new layers into shape layers. The script will come with some control over corners, and five different types are available for those who want them!

Divide a layer into layers, masks or shape layers with many options

Divide and Corner will work on a composition, pre-comp or solid level. The script is ideal for creating an animated collage effect easily with Divide an Corner found at AeScripts + AePlugins from author Eofain PTorrez.