DIY Renderfarm Building Tutorial for Distributed Blender Rendering

By CG Cookie

A text version of this video is available here 👉
Accelerate your renders with a Render Farm!
A render farm is a collection of networked computers that work together to rapidly produce high quality graphics and animation. By dividing your scene into smaller, modular pieces you can use fewer machines in order reduce rendering time for each individual asset or stage needed on the final product! A typical production studio will fill rooms full with servers racks-but they’re also useful (and financially viable) when used by teams much smaller than what’s typically found at major movie studios such as Disney Animation Studios where an entire floor might be dedicated solely toward their needs ̶ from leads creating art packages through TDs approving them after completion

The ability to render videos in a matter of minutes instead of hours is great for any project. The more complex your video, the less time it will take and you’ll get exactly what’s needed with little work on your end!

We all know how expensive it is to buy things pre-made, but what if you could build your own customized farm unit with the help of an expert? This guide will walk through three stages. The first stage describes my process for building a custom Blender farm; this may not be possible in every budget – at least I hope that by reading about possibilities and potentials someone might find inspiration! In addition there are plans laid out so each user can connect his/her machines on local network using VNC while controlling them from another machine over TCP Port 59881 or 59900 respectively (depending upon which one matches better). If anyone would like more information after finishing these two tutorials then please.