Dolphin: Blender + Flip Fluid

By Artell Blender

Testing the Flip Fluid addon for Blender, with additional waves from the ocean modifier. The technic to combine a fluid mesh and an endless wave pool is explained in this video tutorial!

Flip Fluid addon:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 1800x, 16 threads
GPU: 2x GTX 980

Fluid Simulation:
115 frames simulated, ~5 min per frame, Total: 10 hours
Resolution: 550, Subdivision: 0, Particle Size; 1
Whitewater particles: ~500.000

All rendered in a single combined pass.
115 frames rendered (GPU), ~2min per frame, Total: 4 hours

Fast ocean shader (no SSS):
Waves height map sequence:
Dolphin model made by Tarnyloo, license CC-BY: