Double Sided Textures Made Easy In Cinema 4D

Sam Winter Shows an Easy Way to Create Double Sided Textures in C4D.

Texturing a flat 3D shape is an interesting challenge. But how about texturing something like paper, where there’s no depth and therefore can’t get any textures on its surface? It turns out that it doesn’t take much at all for this to happen; in some cases you might need two different types of materials applied differently side-to-side – sorta like printing with both sides showing! Digital Meat (Samuel Winter) shows us some easy ways we could go about doing just that:
You’ll find these techniques handy when creating props or environments made entirely from 2d imagery.

The C4D’s texture tag is the perfect place to choose which side your object will show textures. Place two materials on one and you can decide if it has front or back faces, as well as both sides! It really doesn’t get much easier than this so don’t hesitate any longer – just make sure not too overlap with other objects in case there are gaps between them where light cannot pass through properly because then things would be missing from view when seen up close.”.

To add more interesting shading to your artwork, you can use the layer shader and assign sides according to which direction its polygon normals are pointing in. For example– if all of them point away from where we want our shadows cast or emerge then that side will receive no light at all!