Download A Free Deadpool Rig From Animator Kiel Figgins

Kiel Figgins is a senior animator who has worked on films that have been recognized internationally, including the Avengers franchise. His credits include work in Oblivion and Maleficent to name just two of many high profile movies he’s animated for over at ILM London where he currently resides along with other big Hollywood studios like Sony Imageworks & Framestore CFC.
AFrame Animation Studio among others throughout Europe.

Recently, TurboSquid has posted a ton of character rigs that can be purchased through their site and found on Kiel’s store. As part of this promotion he is providing downloadable files for free-to download Deadpool rig in Maya 2014 but should work with any version after that!

We all have a favorite superhero that we want to be. Well, now you can put on your mask and cape because I am about the give this character everything they need for their big time scene in reel life! This rig is derived from an open source Deadpool 3D model available at TF3DM – including proxy rigs with faster animation rates if needed (and who wouldn’t?).

And best yet? It’s easily customizable using our free scripts so no matter what system or file size you’re working with; there will always be something perfect just waiting under those hoods….

3D Figgins is the place for all your 3D printing needs, with a complete list of items available. Be sure to check out our free Deadpool rig!