Dynamic Parenting Comes To After Effects

ToonGoose and its founder Nik Skavinski recently released a new tool for After Effects that allows you to create dynamic parenting. Dynamic Parenting in designed as an easy way of key or animate your child’s behaviour on the fly, which will help animators collaborate more easily while working with characters who have numerous behaviors packed into them like bored kids or toddlers at playtime!

Control parenting with keyframes. Finally.

You may have tried to make animations in other programs, but nothing compared with the power of After Effects. Now you can finally take this one step further by linking and unlinks layers or groups together so they are all related!

After Effects is a formidable tool for video editing, but it desperately needs some animation features. It’s unfortunate that After Effects was designed to be an animation program with no tools available to control layers in any way–and this means many important tasks are difficult or impossible without additional software like Final Cut Pro X!

I’m always excited when a new After Effects tool is released and I can’t help but think of all the things these could do for us! But on occasion, there are some tools so amazing that they make me feel hesitant.
I have this fear: what if we need them? or where will our industry be in 5 years from now with nothing available to fill gaps like these?

It is a shame that the After Effects team is not developing new features. Third party developers have taken over and done an amazing job with what they can care for, but it will be nice when Ae has more time to work on things again in future updates

It’s been really sad seeing all these great plugins being developed by third parties instead of from within Adobe itself because then we could get some awesome stuff coming out! But at least there are people like Nik Skavinski who keep providing us insight into where our program might go next through his blog posts about potential feature requests which often lead him right back down another dead end street.