Dynamically Center The Anchor Point On After Effects Text Layers

What do you get when the text in your video is superimposed on top of itself? something that looks very complicated, but actually isn’t. Animation Text Layers are a new feature introduced by After Effects CS5.0+, they let us create movements and effects using letters as if they were an animation! This article will go over how to use them effectively for any project that needs visual interest with just one layer or many involved-shapes placed at intervals along our timeline then adjusting their placement via keyframe numbers adjusted numerically rather than manually drawing out each individual frame like before where parameters ranged from Xposition + Ylocation.

There are a couple of ways to center the anchor point on your text element. The best way, as Mike Borup shows in his video tutorial will not behave as one might expect – there’s more than just orientation and position! To make things easier for you though I have included simple steps below: Tool 1 Rotate Text 45 Degrees Clockwise.

There is a new CC2014.2 update for After Effects, and with it is a new expression that can do some cool stuff

More-so if you change the size of Text Layer’s bounding box, then its previous centering becomes invalid. However good news -the latest update to Adobe After Effects CC2014.2 comes with a new expression that has been long awaited!

After Effects CC2014.2 has introduced a new way to get vital information about the properties of text layers through expressions and scripting, such as layer coordinates or character styles. Mikey Borup shows us how we can use an expression called sourceRectAtTime which will center whatever is drawn on any anchored point no matter what happens in time!