Dynamically Simulate An Ipad Keyboard Typing With After Effects

Hand-animating keyboards for explainer videos can be a great way to add some flair, but it’s not always the best option. If you have plenty of key taps that need animating or if your video is going on longer than 3 minutes then this could take quite awhile and might get complicated with an automated system in place instead!

No Magnolia’s Nick Hill recently did a project that required an iPad keyboard typing animation, and is here to walk us through how he made that all come together. The system will automatically type out any input based on the contents of your text layer in After Effects by animating letters as they pop up onto it from off screen like some crazy flying courier service!

create an iPad keyboard which will type out any input (letters, numbers or symbols) based on the contents of a text layer

Tap to type is an innovative way of inputting text on your computer or mobile device. When you tap the screen, it will go down in size so that only one letter remains while everything else fades away – eliminating mistakes by showing just what needs correction! This setup uses unicode values for each user’s most recent typed letter as well as a shape layer made up from JavaScript objects which tell where and how big they need their key highlight to be.

Nick has created a tutorial for creating an animated keyboard in After Effects. The process involves inputting information into Excel and then animating it with different effects, which can be found by following along with Nick’s instructions on the website (link).

We’ve just released a new tutorial – making a dynamically-animated iPad keyboard in After Effects: https://t.co/ZEYE5mbfmt

— No Magnolia Creative (@nomagnolia) April 14, 2016