Ease And Wizz Adds Two Easing Types On One Property

Ian Haigh’s Ease and Wizz is a panel that will let you apply different interpolation between keyframes of animation. It does this with set expressions, so practically anyone can use it!

The popular After Effects easing tool just got a lot more useful. Now you can add two different ease types on one property and have eyes such as Expo Out, then Back Out all in one expression!

After Effects’ built-in easing is a valuable tool for animating properties on the timeline. You can use keyframes or intermediate values between two points, depending which you want to employ in your end result!

The new easing combinations are:

  • Expo out, Expo in
  • Expo in, Expo out
  • Back out, Expo in
  • Back out, Back in
  • Elastic out, Back in
  • Elastic out, Expo in
  • Bounce out, Expo in

If you want more than these combinations, there’s always the option of manually editing your copy and combining any two easing types. To do so visit www(dot)asecsripts/aeplugins for instructions on how!