Easily Add Binds And Ties To Models in Houdini

Marc Chevry’s TieUp Houdini asset lets you create ties of ribbons and ropes instantly.

There are a number of small details that can really bring your models to life and make them stand apart from other similar products. For example, adding screws or nails will add more depth and realism when it comes time for you finish the product in Poly-count mode; while if binds & ties (or any sort of fastener) tend run through much work then Marc Chevry’s TieUp asset might be worth takingout look at!

TieUp simplifies and drastically speeds up the process for creating ties on 3D models. The Asset lets you choose between two different kinds of ties, either ropes or ribbons, both available in many customizable options that will suit your needs perfectly! Tie Up works interactively so there is no need to simulate anything – just set how thick they are with number varieties then watch as it spews out perfect final result after only some minutes work time.

  • Interactive edition: no simulation involved
  • 2 models of ties: ropes and ribbons
  • Customizable Ties: thickness, braid numbers, twist value, bevel,…
  • Local selection: speed up interactivity by selecting active polygons on the source mesh
  • UVs are generated

Experience HDA for yourself with the TieUp HDA. This low-cost promotion is only $15 and it’s yours to keep!