Easily Create A Circle On A Flat Face In Cinema 4d

A new tutorial from CyBear, a C4D User and educator. In this video, he shows how you can quickly make perfect circles on flat surfaces with just one quick trick!

There are a few ways to approach creating an “orbit” for your 3D model in order to further process it. Some methods only work with Cinema 4D, but they can be really effective!

2) Placing objects at varying distances from the camera will create depth perception and help give weight or volume where needed- which also gives us better perspective shots when we position ourselves closer than typical eye height while shooting video footage on foot without any Steadicam equipment available (or even just using human bodies). There might not always seem like such good ideas at first glance–but by trying out different ranges of angles you’ll learn more about what works well depending upon the context.

how you can use a script to create a circle on a flat surface.

Sometimes the simplest tools are the best. CyBear shows how you can create circles with ease by using a few simple steps and then merging all of your vertices together before beveling them like in this case, to get an even edge around it for a perfect look!