Easily Create A Motion Path From A Mask In Fusion

Tony Gallardo has been posting some really great tutorials on how to create a motion path in After Effects, and then seamlessly transition over into Fusion. As an application that is node based with super fast playback rates for when you want quick results without having anything set up beforehand – there seems little reason not try it out!

If you’re familiar with any node-based system, Fusion will feel pretty easy for you to pick up. If your deep in the hole of working with layers and masks… just imagine having one place that has all the nodes which affect blur intensity or colorization calculated at once instead of calculating each individual amount separately then adding them together on top (sound like something outta this world).

Working with pre-made templates to help you create your own motion designs is an often overlooked but very beneficial technique. Tony Gallardo offers a quick look at the best way of doing this in his latest installment for Fusion. Mograph series on using curves as paths through interesting movements or shapes that fit into design needs perfectly while also being aesthetically pleasing!