Easily Create A Neon Effect For Any Vectors In After Effects

Caleb Ward shows how to turn any vector artwork into the neon effect in After Effects.

Neon has always been a popular choice for artists because it’s so easy to work with. It just requires some careful planning and you’re ready! VFX City’s Caleb Ward shows how he made this cool neon effect in Adobe After Effects, overcoming both the challenge of gluing his artwork onto an outline around it as well as making sure that all parts are lit properly before adding any colors or other effects like smoke layers on top (which is what gives your piece its authentic look).

Ward shows how to use the Vegas effect in After Effects, which can create an outline for any vector artwork or logo file. Then it’s just a matter of getting glow effects looking correct with proper neon color choices before downloading (for $10)a handy template that allows you drag and drop designs onto your screen giving them this cool delinquent look!