Easily Create Anime-style Electricity Using Turbulent Displace In After Effects

Matt Jylkka, an After Effects pro who works at Mt.Mograph shows us how to easily create the anime style electrical effect in this short tutorial. He uses some Ae native effects that will give your footage more of a handcrafted look instead of spending time animating it yourself or paying someone else for their hard work!

Matt’s Motion After Effects script is a must-have for the professional animator. With its panel of preprogrammed commands, you can quickly and easily animate any number of different effects in Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects without ever having to open up your Notion app again! Check out this post on MtMograph about what others like me think: https://www2.mtoflowvideo/mtomotionae/.

Sometimes no one wants to hand animate fire or electricity. Luckily, there is an easy way!

If you are looking for something a little more “Lightning” like and less electrical, there was an article where trapcode MIR user BaKaAfter showed how to create anime-style lightning with their software.