Easily Create Customizable Neon Signs With This Free Xpresso Rig

Xpresso rigs are a great way to create and animate complicated things in Cinema 4D, but it can be really tricky at first. Luckily there’s plenty of tutorials that show you how! One free one is from Aaron Covrett who works for Stink Studios NY — he made an Xpresso rig with Octane render so neon signs like these could easily generate by themselves.

An “Xpress RIG” allows users incredible control over their animations; because they allow full customization without needing any other software program or plugin tools required (like Maya). Users only need the ability to navigate around within C4d itself while using this type if tool- set into motion anything imaginable.

Easily generate and customize neon signs, with additional controls over animation presets, materials, emissive and mesh parameters

The Sign Generator Xpresso rig offers some really nice results. Covrett posted the neon sign generator online, making it available for free or donation based download saying: “This product is a work in progress so feel free to reach out with any suggestions/involvement” donations are appreciated and support future development! Download this cool tool here.