Easily Link A Lens Flare To A Null In After Effects With The Quick Lens Flare Tool

Lens flares are one of the most common effects in animation, but how do you make them work for your project? One way is by creating a rig that will allow any object to be animated.

It’s true that even something as simple lens flare can be a problem for your video. But there are ways around this challenge and one way is by creating an objects in the viewport which will make things easier when it comes time to edit out all of those pesky distractions like glare or other unwanted lighting effects!

Easily create a lens flare that can be controlled by the null / light layer and have a foreground occlusion.

Quick Lens Flare Tool is a useful tool for those who want to create lens flares without the hassle. The program itself does not actually generate any eye-catching lighting effects, but rather just provides an easy way of positioning your flare in 3D space and making sure it looks good from every angle!

The Quick Lens Flare Tool is an easy way to add some cool flares and glow effects. It works with Optical Flares, or Ae’s own lens flare effect! Just select the final result you want in your picture(s) after using this tool; then press “Create”. You can also have a foreground occlusion active while moving on that control null if they’re enabled by default settings within their respective parameters – which means more creative possibilities for when creating photos.

Output: The Quick Lens Flare will make any photograph look like it was taken at night under floodlights. This amazing editing feature allows users of all levels the ability to create beautiful images quickly without having experience in photography or graphic design programs such as Photoshop® Extensions & Special Effects.

The Quick Lens Flare can be found on aescripts.com under the “name your own price” structure, and it’s compatible with After Effects CS5 up! Check out this tool here: