Easily Retarget Blendshapes In Maya To Different Shaped Geometry

The workflow to retarget BlendShapes makes the headlines again, it seems. Serendipitously, a little while after posting about EISKO Services’ “BlendShape on Demand” service another script comes along that can also help in this area – uploading one’s head and getting facial deformation as if made out of blend shapes!

Retarget Blends

Retarget BlendShapes is an automatic tool that allows you to retarget blend shapes depending on the shape of any geometry. You can use it with or without specifying a source mesh, just set target and blendshapes in order for this process work correctly! It’s so easy even kids could do it – all they need is some imagination (and no fear!). There are three different options: scale delta rotation deltasadd smooth factor if necessary.

Retarget your blendshapes between meshes with the same topology

The final output of the delta computation creates an altered version of the original data by applying three different operations. Scale Delta adds a value to each vertex based on how far apart they are from its target, Rotate Deltas work as such just with rotations applied instead for this operation being done in 3D space so that calculations happen around what would have been listed above had it not transformed before getting sent off into our computer system’s memory or HDDs etc.

Smooth Factor takes all these new shapes created after scaling/rotating through some maths about blending shapes together when blended back onto themselves again at their destination point – which should hopefully give us something more evenly distributed rather than.

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