Easy Green Screen Keying In After Effects

Adobe’s Jason Levine Shows How a Combination-Effect Preset Can be Your Gateway to Quick and Easy Keys from Green Screen Footage

Keylight is a plugin that can be used for green screen work. It’s robust and comes with many tools, so it’s probably most efficient to just use one of those instead!

Adobe’s Jason Levine shows that it is a combination of three tools. Many After Effects users may have missed the fact there’s actually an easy-to-use preset for keying green screens, which automatically puts down some key lighting effects and cleanup ones too! Just eye drop your color into Keylight with this handy tool so you can quickly knock out all those greens – even if they are bright colors like yellow or red on top of white canvas background… no problemo!

Jason walks through keyed and uncomp accidently, using the preset to give some tips for those who may be wondering. He offers practical examples that challenge his process with finer hair details as well as one thing not covered: saving yourself time by making a garbage matte which will limit what needs to get keyed in first place!

This is more work but helps focus on important aspects of any shot you need so it can- hopefully -be simpler than starting from scratch or doing something else altogether different like roto’ing out anything behind them if they’re walking towards screen left etc…