Easy Save Plugin for ZBrush by Artistic Squad


By Artistic Squad


Easy Save is a ZBrush plugin that adds a feature to ZBrush that has been requested many times, and also some extra bonus tools. Its main feature is incremental saving.

With incremental save, every time you save, a copy of your project or tool is saved, without destroying the previous ones. Instead of saving in a huge project file, you can have saved files for each step. This means increased safety for your work!

Note: in the video you can see that it is called Incremental Save instead of Easy Save, as it was the name of the first version of the plugin, but was changed to Easy Save because it was more understandable, and follows the naming of other plugins of ours.

– Be safer: keep unlimmited number of backups in a same folder.
– Every time you press the button, it saves your file with a number of version at the end (project0001, project002, etc).
– Works with Projects and Tools.
– Save your undos or not with each copy, as you decide. Get smaller files that load and save faster.
– Save your project or tool to a chosen folder with a click on a button or a hotkey: without interrumpting your work.
– Remember the last used filenames or not, next time that you open ZBrush.
– Restart the file names or select another folder anytime you want.
– Extra buttons available in case you want to put them in your custom UI.

Artistic Squad

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by Eugenio Mininni.