Easycorrect Nuke Gizmo Helps Adjust Images For Photogrammetry

Djordje Ilic’s EasyCoorect Gizmo is a Fast Way to Correct Differences With Exposure and White Balance Between Frames.

In the world of 3D modeling, Djordje Ilic is no stranger to making things from scratch. One such project was his method for using Substance Designer which helped him light up images in a way that better suits photogrammetry workflow—something essential when working with this technique on objects or scenes captured via drone camera footage.

In addition he also created Nuke An EasyCorrect Gizmo Tool That Allows You Easily Adjust Exposure And White Balance Of A Sequence Of Images Which Is Essential For The Photogrammetric Workflow.

The EasyCorrect gizmo can automatically pick up image format and set the first frame of a sequence. It’s free to download, so you have nothing stopping from starting today!

A 3D artist from Serbia, Djordje Ilic has made a name for himself with the creation and completion of some amazing models. His latest project had him use V-Ray to model an old classic Porsche in3ds Max before compositing them into final form using Nuke software; this was one example among many others showcasing his skills as both designer/creator but also highly skilled editor who knows how best utilize all available tools that would allow him produce content without any failure or compromise quality whatsoever!