Editing Normals For Anime-style Shading In Blender

Daniel Kreuter shares two methods for manipulating the normals on our mesh that will offer a better anime-style look in Blender.

Daniel takes an unique approach to creating the anime cel shaded look or cartoon by editing object normals in order determine shading. Other methods for achieving this effect include deforming mesh itself, but Daniel’s technique is more precise and produces smoother results without any unnecessary details getting lost along way like they might when using other techniques do .

There are two techniques for how to edit your mesh’s normals. The first is through a few simple steps in Blender, and the other technique involves baking certain information onto an image file that can be loaded into 3ds Max or Maya as well!

This technique isn’t just for anime-style rendering. It can be used to create any other nonphotorealistic graphics in Blender and it’s easy!