Everything You Need To Know To Get Started With Marvelous Designer

As the title suggests, Flipped Normals is about to post a blog describing Marvelous Designer and how it could be used by 3D artists.

The future of clothing design is now more accessible than ever with the introduction of Marvelous Designer. This program enables 3D artists to create soft-bodied dynamics and cloth simulations for a wide range of applications, including fashion designs that can be brought into reality with just one click!

“In this one-hour video tutorial, we teach you everything needed to know about using Marvelous Designer,” FlippedNormals mentions. “We cover the tools and also how model a tshirt in MD – Check it out here!” A little while ago their team of Henning Sanden & Morten Jaeger had looked into creating their very first garment design with some help from our friends at Designhill.”