Everything You Wanted To Know About Motion Tracking In Blender

CGMatter covers all the fundamentals of motion tracking using Blender.

Blender is a fantastic piece of software. Not only does it have some pretty amazing features, but you can also get your work done in no time with the free and open-source nature! Here’s how CGMatter shows off its power for motion tracking on their website: “In this tutorial from creator FrankHR Kitano we’ll dive into using Blender as our main tool while creating visual effects by either compositing them together or working individually through edit modes.”

The tutorial is over an hour long and covers everything you wanted to know about motion tracking in Blender. “Specifically, we go over image sequence conversion as well as the models (location, rotation scale) used for tracking.” The three-part series begins with this first installment representing part one – “specifically focused on understanding how these various attributes work together when following someone or something around.”