Exocortex Releases Species 1.5 For Softimage

Exocortex has recently released an update to their character creation tool for Softimage, which is called Species. In six months they have made three releases with the most recent one being even more powerful than before and comes equipped with some helpful features designed specifically around animating characters in this program’s Animation Rig panel! One such feature allows you mirror any pose of controls on either side – meaning lefties can now be right-handed while vice versa applies if need be; all without having a second free hand available at first place when working inside AnimRig itself (unless using its Leap Motion support).

These new tools for Mirror Swap lets you choose the side of your body that’s being mirrored and swap between different poses. For example, if one arm was in an awkward position but now has been freed up thanks to this great feature then all they have do is switch over their chosen control with ease!

Exocortex is a new way to create human characters that are more than just their attributes. With the help of Exocortex, you can sculpt your character’s unique features and rig them for animation with low-cost quick results; avoiding off-the shelf models which often give generic looks in animations.

The new features in Exocortex Species are really cool, with options to change the AnimRig’s preset pose and hand poses. It also has an IK option that lets you control arm movements or legs separately through head position adjustments!

If you’re not yet using Exocortex Species, we encourage you to download the trial from our website. For those already using it, here’s an update available directly through Autodesk! This program supports Softimage 2010-2013 for both Windows and Linux systems as well as floating licenses starting at $299 USD .

Some other changes to Species would include:


  • Update synoptics with new controls
  • Add hand poses to AnimRig Synoptics

Bug Fixes

  • Left ForearmRoll deformers misaligned
  • Hide FK arm bones on PropRig by default ( hides IK arm bones when switched to FK)
  • Bank Param on right foot inverted
  • AnimRig build cancel button doesn’t cancel
  • Only display Dual Quat option if available
  • Change preferences to be per user not per addon

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