Explode Shape Layers Places Paths And Groups In After Effects To Individual Layers

With the Explode Shape Layers script, you can work more quickly and efficiently. You will no longer need to convert Adobe Illustrator shapes into After Effects layers when they should already exist as such!

With this new tool created by Zack Lovatt for AE users who are looking for better workflow solutions in their video editing process; all of those pesky re-conversions that take up so much time during production have been eliminated from being necessary with just one click–saving hours every day or week at our office across multiple departments doing what we love most: making great content accessible through technology tools.

This script will take a shape layer and split each of its content groups or paths into individual layers, for finer control & easier access

In this article, we will explore the new Explode Shape Layers command in After Effects which allows you to split a layer’s content paths or even groups into individual layers. This is very useful for when one needs better control and access depending on what project they’re working on!

Any effects or filters on the initial shape layer will be carried through to any new layers along with any keyframes, settings and markers. Check out Explode Shape Layer script for After Effects here!