Export A Png With Transparent Background From Blender


By Michael Bullo

Enabling transparency is very easy and can be done via a single checkbox.

The Render Properties tab of the Properties panel contains a Film section with an interestingTransparent checkbox. Turning this option on enables transparency, and it’s easy to see why – when you view your 3D model in any Viewport mode other than rendered or shaded-Ray traced rendering takes place internally for transparent materials but not solid ones! If that isn’t enough there are also options under the Transparent heading including Opacity/SMOOTHNESS which can be adjusted by small percentages between 0% (completely invisible)%300%. What do I need?

With the Transparent checkbox enabled, a transparent pattern should be visible in any render (Render – Render Image). When saving an image as PNG format and RGBA color settings are saved for future use to export out of your document with honors given where transparency is involved.

Designers will often add an HDRI image to their scenes in Blender using the Environment Texture option on the World Properties tab of Color section. To stop this from rendering, just deselect Transparent and you’re all set!