Export High Poly Zbrush Model to Low Poly Blender Model EASY


By Ben Shukrallah

In this video I will walk you through taking a high poly Zbrush sculpt, running it through ZRemesher to lower the polycount, UVMaster to generate UVs and then exporting it as an FBX and importing it into Blender 3D.

00:00​ Intro
00:34​ Set Up
01:55​ ZRemesher (High Poly to Low Poly)
03:30​ ZRemesher Guides
05:35​ ZRemesher PolyPaint Density
07:36​ UVMaster – Automatic UV Maps
10:02​ Detail Projection
14:07​ Bake Normal and Texture Maps
15:38​ Export to FBX
16:48​ Import FBX into Blender 3D

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