Expressions For Pendulum, Bounce, And Spring In After Effects

Noble Kreative Offers Some Practical Examples for Expressions to Create Physical Motion Like a Pendulum, Bounce, and Spring in Ae.

You can use expressions in After Effects to drive a lot of things. In animation, it’s pretty simple to get animations with the help your expression toolset- from random motion all the way up until physical movements like oscillations and spring action!

Najib Khayati, an animator at Noble Kreative shows off some practical example for creating expressions on the most commonly used movements in animation. This includes using math-based Sin or Cos function from Ae’s Math which is helpful when working with everyday projects that involve angles and arcs across time duration scales – not just 3D volumes!

This look at creating pendulum and bounce effects is not Khayati’s first time incorporating Sine waves into After Effects. She previously demonstrated how they work by showing you can draw out an easy math representation of them, as seen in her previous video here: “How To Draw Various Sines Waves In AE With A Little Math And Expressions.”