Fantasy Marble Run Animation – Blender – Eevee

By Steven Ptasinski

Frogrun is a 3D animated marble run with captivating graphics and effects. This video can be used in any type of gaming or tech related project because it has all the elements needed for visually appealing content creation!
After ten years of Producing….nothing.
a Challenge was Born.
a Challenge was Accepted.
to Create a 3d animated Marble Run.

NOTE: The opening lines is a inside joke referencing me not sharing any 3d work I have created in the pass ten years 🙂

Thank you so much for viewing and I hope you enjoyed!
The main goal of this project was to complete a fully 3d animated marble run and learn as much wealth I could creating with Blender.Animation
Rigid Body Simulations
Smoke Simulations
High Poly to Low Poly Baking
Lighting and Rendering
Stylized Texturing

I created everything by myself, including music and the graphics. I used Blender for all of my3D modeling needs as well as some Photoshop work with 3ds Max Second Life’s default program Tinkercad. All animations were rendered in EEVEE software before they made it onto Youtube which was later edited using After Effects CS5+ Premiere Pro CC 2014
I’m not sure what you call this kind stuff but if there are any other videos like them on channels similar to mine please send me links!

Mini Game:
Frog Count? How many Frogs did you see??
Post your guess in Comments Below!

See the Full Breakdown here at my ArtStation:

Special Thanks to Brian Resco, and accepting the challenge along side with me!
Thank you, for the day in and day out Feedback, Advice, and Guidance.
Go and check out his Marble Run here:

Additional Thanks to the 3d related YouTube All-stars!
Learning 3d has never been easier with these amazing channels.
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